How it Works

Check For ID takes compliance training into your store or dispensary. Twice each month, we send our Checkers, aged 21-25, into our customer's store or dispensary locations to conduct a mock purchase of marijuana or THC products.

We are checking if the store associate asks for the customer's ID before quoting a price to complete the sale. If the ID is requested, the sales associate instantly receives a Green Card. If not, a Red Card is given. In either case, the store manager(s) receive a Visit Report the next business day.

Our visit procedures can be customized for stores or dispensaries with or without an age-verification device (swipe or scan) built into the Point-of-Sale (POS) system.

After every mock purchase visit, the store manager receives a report the next day. All reports are archived and summarized on our password-protected reporting website, where managers can monitor the performance of their sales associates.

The result of our service is a better-trained sales force in your dispensary, who consistently follow company policy by appropriately carding your store customers.

When comparing the cost of just one failed law-enforcement sting to the fee for our training service, the return on investment is clear. Our service has saved retail stores hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and store closures, by training store associates to prevent the sale of age-sensitive products to under-age customers.

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